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Ending All Hope

I have a story to tell.
I hope you will take a moment to listen.
It doesn’t end so well.
You see, love on one side is missing.

I didn’t even bother to wear makeup
because I know I am going to cry.
I’ve had no one to talk to for so long
and it’s all bottled up inside.

The pain she caused when she deserted me
when she proved she didn’t care,
the incomparable hurt that ripped at me
laying my insides bare.

I’d given more than she knew,
cared more than she could imagine.
was more loyal than she deserved.
this evident when she so easily slashed me.

Slashed me from her life,
from all that we had built together.
Slashed me through the midsection…
fatally ending all hope that we can recover.

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