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Medication Responsibility

I had a huge wake up call regarding being responsible around taking my medication. Evidently

th I had quite the experience the other night although I remember none of it.

It all started with Sunday night and Bob telling me I hadn’t taken my meds yet when I thought I had. He was so sure, though that I took them – again. The next morning I couldn’t wake up. We were supposed to be leaving at 9-10 AM to go to Brookings, Oregon  (3-4 hour drive) to meet Bob’s son and his fiance and their baby daughter, Sawyer. I slept the entire ride there. I do remember once we were in our room, Pat and Courtney came to the door.  We said hello and that is all I remember until I woke up in the hospital the next morning restrained, intubate, catheterized and had no idea where I was. I didn’t know where Bob was. I couldn’t talk because I was intubated. Nightmare! 

Finally heard from Bob about 6 hours later. I guess he had taken me to the hospital in Gold Beach and they couldn’t manage my care. So they flew me to Eugene. Bob was not able to go on the flight plus we had company. I remember nothing about an ambulance ride or a flight.

Once I was awake and extubated, they removed the restrainsts. However, they put me on suicide watch even though I assured them it was an accident. Every time they gave me a pill, took my blood pressure, etc., they asked if I felt like hurting myself even though I was clearly alert, in a good mood and far, far from the picture of someone with suicidal ideation.

The take away from this is that I have to record when I have taken my meds so that this NEVER happens again. I am using a notebook and just listing date/time I took my last meds.

My only wish is that I could remember it all. An ambulance and a plane ride. Wheeeeeeeee!!! That must have been quite exciting. lol

Please, if you don’t already, record when you take your meds. You never know when you might slip up and double up on them.  For all the joking, I never want to go through that again.

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